Building Back Better: Post-Earthquake Rebuilding


The Gurung Society in New York raised funds to support rebuilding post-earthquake. Several earthquake-stricken locations have been selected and the Gurung Society will be working in partnership with local NGOs for rebuilding. Due to CGCF’s ongoing activities in Gorkha, the district has been selected as a site for one of the Gurung Society's school rebuilding activities to be conducted in partnership with CGCF. After much deliberation, Janasewa Primary School in Yamgaon, Gumda VDC (now Dharche Gaupalika) has been selected for reconstruction. 


Managing these funds however, will require CGCF to raise the operational costs, estimated to be atleast $10,000. CGCT has additionally contributed $2000 towards these costs, however, the rest will have to be raised from other sources, including CGCF’s members and friends.


After three years of chasing the paperwork, the school is finally being constructed - the MoU with the School Management Committee of the Janasewa Primary School was signed in March, and the building's walls are almost complete at the end of May!


Read about our experience during this process in the document to the right. 



The earthquakes of 2015 led to CGCF members mobilizing support for various areas. One of the locations supported was Ghyachchok VDC, a VDC in Gorkha, directly across the epicenter in Barpak. International friends and supporters sent funds through CGCF to be utilized in Gorkha. $2000 was sent by the Chandra Gurung Conservation Trust (CGCT), CGCF’s sister organization in the US. Half of this funding had been raised by a school for earthquake relief, and was matched by CGCT. Although this funding was originally earmarked for corrugated sheets for the Temporary Learning Center (TLC) in Ghyachchok, the local community mobilized enough support for the TLC and as a result, these funds were disbursed for furniture to be used in the TLC and later in the constructed school building – one of the needs identified by the School Users Committee and the School Principal. The funds were disbursed on December 28, 2015. An additional 750 GBP had been sent by other supporters from the UK, which has been disbursed towards CGI sheets for impoverished households - one in each of the nine wards of the VDC. A community discussion was held to identify these households and funds have been disbursed through the Janachetana Mahila Samuha (Womens Group) which is responsible for procuring the sheets and providing the cash allocation for labor and construction costs. The recipient from Ward 6, Kusha Gurung's husband had taken a second wife and moved in with her. Her son lives elsewhere and doesnt look after his mother. The house was originally built by the grandfather, who was a pensioner. Her daughter failed in the SLC last year, but was unable to retake the exam due to the family's financial difficulties. The CGI sheets were used to repair the house, although the house is still in a precarious state with bulging walls. You can see her house here